About Us

Daniel Giroux

Hello my name is Daniel Giroux! In 1994 I had an NDE which set me on a path to what has now become my life mission. The experiences following my NDE were quite intense. Eventually I was led to the path of becoming an energy worker (certified in Reiki Level 1 and 2); also using my intuition to train people in their own intuitive development; and offering spiritual guidance. To read more about my spiritual path please see the, NDE and Spiritual Path section on our site.

Sylvie Giroux

Hello my name is Sylvie Giroux! What brought you to this site is the same calling I felt inside when I began my own spiritual discovery. We truly all are spirits living a human experience. No matter what your beliefs may be; what you have been told; what you have been taught…we all share the same Light. There is a thread woven and connecting us all to creation. Nothing is ever separate, and the whole is dependent on each and every one of its parts, and YOU are an essential part of the Divine.


In 2011 something awakened in me, and the embers of my spiritual self were kindled. The numbers 11:11 started to appear to me each day. Between 2011 and 2015, slowly I went through changes and often felt caught in many of life’s circumstances. I also believed there were even deeper layers to our existence. I became dissatisfied with many of the realities within society. I also felt trapped not able to be as effective to help people the way I viewed myself capable of doing.


I began attending a meditation group in 2016. In hindsight, I believe this is when my life changed in a profound way. I was deepening the connection to my Higher Self which completely changed the direction of my life path. In April 2017 I ended a six year career in the mental health field seeking something which aligned with what I was experiencing in my heart. I quickly realized I was learning to let go and surrender to the Universe. The calling I had inside gave me complete assurance, knowing with certainty I would be taken care of no matter what I chose to do, as long as I followed my heart.


The blessings I began receiving were incalculable. To some people, and in the beginning also to me, such blessings felt out of this world. So often we hear about manifestation, but in reality, the meaning is all about manifesting conditions to receive what resonates with you, and I received plenty. I believe, when we choose love, we begin to live a deeply fulfilling life here on Earth until our return Home. I’ve come a long way on my journey of self-discovery, and my life experiences have so far led me to the truth inside, which is truly the only place anyone will ever find any answers.


I find inspiration in the simplest of things. Sitting under a canopy of stars on a summer night. Watching the sun rise through a mist on a lake. Working in a garden as I feel the warm soil sift through my fingers. I am also inspired in becoming the best version of myself and accomplishing what I set out to do in this incarnation. What helped me the most since my awakening has been listening to my heart, and especially approaching life through the lens of love. After all, love is the only creative force in the Universe. Nature is where I find peace, and also the place I feel at one with everything, plus where I am at my best.


I recently graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with a Certified Nutritional Practitioner designation. My goal is to study plant energetics in my free time in the near future, and hopefully incorporate the knowledge into our practice.